The Major Difference Between Long Block and Short Block To Keep In Mind Before Buying An Engine

Whenever a car engine fails, you have the option of replacing the engine. Whether your car has suffered damage because of an accident or simply manufacture defect, replacing the engine can be a costly affair. There is an option of selling the vehicle and move on to another but many people choose to replace the engine.

The two option of replacement engine you have is “long block” and “short block”. For those who are confused about the difference between long block and short block, there are few difference between the two.

short block

The basic differences between short and long block engines

Those looking for short block vs long block, the differences between the two are based on their uses, cost of external parts and condition of the engine.

  • A Short Block engine is partially assembled and starts with the engine block where combustion chambers are situated.

Contained inside the short block are several components like a crankshaft, rods, pistons and freeze plugs collectively referred to as a full rotating assembly. If these components are missing then the engine is called a bare block.

  • A long block engine mean that it adds more components to the engine completing its primary mechanic’s assembly. Cylinder heads, camshaft, valve trains and covers, water and oil pump, and an oil pan along with other components.

A long block does not require installing fuel system components and engines having a full assembly is called a complete engine or crate engines.

long block

When to use a short block or a long block

A Short block is typically used when the engine is unable to burn fuel while the cylinder heads and other supporting components are in perfect condition. This situation is called short block related failure.

When the cylinder head is damaged because of overheating and gasket failure, a long block motor is the best choice. The external parts required along with a long block is less expensive compared to parts required with a short block.

When to not use either of the engines

A lot of time and for a lot of people buying a new engine is not ideal based on financial conditions. The first rule after an engine breaks is to determine the overall value of the vehicle. If you can get a better value of your money after selling the car than buying a new engine and brainstorming over long block vs short block engine, it is better that you go ahead and sell the vehicle.

The differences between the short and long block engine are very minute but quite important to analyze.