Who’s Who

Race Organiser: Chris Lawrence – email me at: race@barnsleyroadclub.org.uk

Logistics/Course Management: Steve Cannon (BRC)

Marshalls: Gary Barnes (BRC)

BC Advisor/Liaison: Chris Lawrence (BRC)

Media, Public and Press relations: Alex Hanna & Siobhan Dransfield (BMBC), Sarah Bird (BRC)

Program Design Garreth Bruff (BRC)

Road closure, signage and Barnsley Metropolitan Council Liaison: Matthew Mitchell (BMBC)

Signing In/ HQ: Lesley Harper (BRC)

Podium Area & Prize Support: Gillian Lodge (BRC)

Competitor Support:  Jess Fox (BRC)

Car Park Management: Zoe Barnes (BRC)

Corporate Liaison/Hospitality Management/Sponsor Support: Matthew Mitchell (BMBC) & Alastair Gittner (BRC)

Announcers: Nick & Diane Jeggo (Independent)

DJ: Christian Appleby (Independent)

Public Address: Compact Audio (Col Wilson)

First Aid / Emergency: Lincs Medical Services (Matt Staley Harrison)

Stewarding: Active Response (Lynsey Morris)

BC Officials: Graham Parker (Chief Commissaire), Tim Lelux (Commissaire), Karl Woffinden (Asst Commissaire), Mandy Parker (Head Judge), Peter Root (Lap Board/Bell)

Timing: MYEventTiming (Mark Young)

Barriers/Gantry/Podium: Event Solutions (James Wood)