Club Run Reports 2017

May 7th 2017

A cold, but dry morning greeted over 30 riders for today’s club runs. Only 10 chose the tough ride to Glossop and what a tough ride it was. We set off through Silkstone Common, towards Ingbirchworth, past Hayde Edge, over the finish line of our up and coming road race and onto the foot of Holme Moss. We got a little strung out up the climb, but re-grouped at the top for a summit photo. Chris was last up to the top, but some demon descending meant he was at the front by the bottom. He complained afterwards that the motorcycles that had passed him on the straight downhill sections were actually slowing him up on the bends or he would have been even faster. John was a little worried as he got a speed wobble on on this descent last year. It psyched him out as it happened again this time. (Tension in the body is no good on the bike when descending). This was followed by a steadier ride for the last 5 miles or so into Glossop.

We stopped at the usual cafe, but Paul, our coffee connoisseur decided the coffee wasn’t up to standard and went to a place around the corner for his must have espresso. Three others joined him and after 30 minutes of waiting for our food at the cafe, the rest of us also wished we had gone with Paul. Paul decided he was in for the long haul ride today and decided to go over the Snake Pass, impressive for someone who is now, would you
believe, 70 years young. The remaing 9 of us went the conventional way home back over Woodhead and this time John had no fears and was one of the first to the bottom of this near 50 mph descent. A good workout today with everyone enjoying the ride.

April 30th 2017

Despite this being a bank holiday weekend, 23 members were still allowed to come out to play at bike riding. The “A” run was to Lound,
which was chosen by 10 riders. Pencil and Wayne stepped up to lead the way into the headwind all the way to Conisborough, where we stopped
for a few to use the local conveniences. Off we set again with Barney taking a turn at the front with Pencil who it seems couldn’t get
enough of riding into the wind, gillet now unzipped and flapping in the wind just to make things a little harder!! Dek finally took over
from Pencil about 5 miles from the cafe. Devastation! the cafe was shut due to the owners retiring. It was back on the bikes with our
reserves running a little low and over to Oldcotes cafe instead.
After a few more miles we arrived at the cafe starving and thirsty, but fortunately the cafe was empty and the service was quick.
Out of the cafe and the wind had picked up, no complaints though as it was directly behind us coming from the South East. Speeds reached
the 25mph mark on many of the flatter stretches, but it was so easy everyone managed to keep together. We were all home in good time for
those who were going to watch the Tour De Yorkshire in the Penistone Area.
Well done to Ben who completed his first “A” run with ease.

April 16th 2017

Last week we thought summer had arrived, this week a big reality check, it hasn’t. Back to cool windy damp days.
Only around 20 riders turned up for today’s club runs. The “B” run was due to head out into the hills of Bradfield, but in light of the
forecast, they decided to tag along with the “A” run to Birkin. Both groups set off together until we reached Cudworth bypass where the
two groups split evenly. The “A” group was lead by Dek, which included a long loop around Snaith. In light of the forecasted rain and
darkening skies the “B” group opted for a more direct route through Akworth, Darrington, Cridling Stubbs and Beal. We got there just
before the rain started.
The cafe was unusually quiet which meant we could sit inside and the service was very quick. In fact it was so quick, we were ready to set
off back again just as the “A” group was arriving. They were just a little damp around the edges having been caught out in a few light
The ride back home was the same way as we arrived with the “B” group. Barely a light shower was to be had, far better than what the
forecast was giving out. Only one problem on the way home, a slow puncture for Jack, so overall a good day out!