Club Runs

Sunday Mornings …


Cycling clubs throughout the land hold a run every Sunday morning and Barnsley Road Club is no different. A club run is one of the best ways of getting the most from your club, and get to know all the other members. Runs can vary in length from 50 miles to over a 100 miles, with a cafe stop for lunch and a tea stop on the longer runs.  We also run two STEADIER rides for cyclists who possess a moderate riding ability and reasonable road awareness. These start from around 30 miles including a cafe stop, riding at an average of between 12-15 mph depending on terrain and departs at the same time as the main Cub Run.

You can get an idea of the rides we do both on the clubruns and individual members rides by joining the Barnsley Road Club Strava Group. Check out the stats of other BRC members, get ideas for new routes, or just see who`s gone futhest/fastest/highest this week.A Full list of destinations for the club runs and start times can now be found in the Club Runs Calendar

Barnsley Road Club cannot accept any responsibility for accidents to riders or third parties on a club run. Anyone attending a club run does so at their own risk. All riders should preferably possess a mechanically sound road bicycle, if your bicycle is deemed not roadworthy, then on the grounds of safety the Barnsley Road Club have the right to not allow you to accompany them.
All riders either 16 or under MUST be accompanied by a parent, guardian or a responsible adult.
All riders should preferably wear helmets, have appropriate repair tools, spares and carry refreshments (water, energy bar or equivalent).

The meeting place for all our club runs is at the Town End roundabout, outside the KFC, Barnsley.

During March and April the clubruns will depart from Town End, Barnsley at 9:00am promt.

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