Club Run Reports 2013


May 26th. 100 mile in 8 hours
18 riders met at Townend on a cool overcast morning, B-ride captain for the day was Andy Micklethwaite who was joined by 5 other riders for a hilly ride to Langsett. Meanwhile the dirty dozen set off for the clubs 100 mls in 8 hrs ride, with the aid of a tailwind the peleton made brisk progress and as the ride developed so did Mr Sunshine which was the cue to remove gilets and arm warmers. We arrived at the cafe where Sir G Miles was waiting, lunch was taken outside overlooking the lake and in glorious sunshine. After a quick photo shoot we departed for the return leg which was a slightly tougher affair due to the headwind. After about 10 mls Dek punctured but there was panic as Wayne the pump was on his best bike and didn’t have his pump “Oh no”, but in stepped Phil the pump to save the day and what a pump it was. Off we set again and on Sykehouse Pencil decided to stir things up with a long attack for the Askern sign which created panic in the peleton, after 50 yards pencil blew leaving the big guns to fight it out, but as they dithered G Miles came flying past stuck tight to the wheel of his lead out man Dek but it was too late with Wayne Cav Randall coming out victorious. A frustrated George has now sacked his leadout man. At Askern the peleton pulled into the cafe just before closing time. Drinks and buns were once again eaten outside overlooking the lake in baking sunshine. After waving bye bye to George we departed for the final push and at Shafton we had reached 100 mls in a ride time of 5hrs 24mins. An enjoyable day and well done to all riders.

Riders were; G Barnes, G Laight, G Thawley, D Crawshaw, W Randall, A Bromley, P Carter, D Schofield, J Sheriff, C Francis, B Sanders and D Vingoe.

PS; Anthony Bromley as received a club record fine of £5 for not wearing team issue shorts.

May 19th
13 riders met at Townend under cloudy skies and cool conditions. It was decided that both groups would go to our destination of Tadcaster. Off we set at a steady pace and everthing was fine until we had a couple of wee wee stops, as we regrouped and the peleton turned for Church Fenton we soon noticed that Wayne was missing, he had carried straight on towards Sherburn In Helmet. Wayne had the last laugh as we joined the main road because he was 100 yards in front and won the sprint for the Tadcaster sign. After lunch we headed back via Lotherton Hall, Castleford where Pencil noticed that Barney was riding well after his recent illness, on closer inspection Barney’s secret was out, under his shorts could be seen a pair of pants, but these were no ordinary pants they were infact SUPERMAN pants..”is that Kryptonite in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me Barney?”..Ha Ha. We all arrived back safe, but at Darton G Laight and N Dyson decided to do a George Miles loop to get some extra miles in ready for our France Trip. At Dodworth Pencil who also wanted a sneaky loop rode back with G Thawley and tackled the infamous Col de Baggerwood. A good ride and well done to all riders for keeping both groups together.

April 21st
15 riders turned up for todays club runs. The “A” ride set off towards Hebden bridge but after only 20 metres Dave Vingoe had a broken chain. However Alan Charlesworth was at hand with his chain breaker and spare split link and we were on our way again after just a few minutes. Going through Flockton we had a run in with a car driver cutting into us before one of the traffic calming measures catching Zoe on the arm. Off course Zoe told him exactly what she thought of his driving in true lady like fashion. Several riders turned off at the top of Flockton to do a shorter ride so only 4riders made it to Hebden Bridge. About 1 mile from the Cafe Mark B on his new bike punctured and when we finally got to the cafe it had shut down!!! Found another small cafe though next to the old bowling green, very nice but small, only had 3 tables in it. It was easier riding home, a little tail wind but the temperature had dropped making it a cool ride until that dreaded hill, Elland by pass.

February 17th
15 riders met at townend for the hilly ride to Calver on a cold but sunny morning. This included 2 new riders, 13 year old Jack and Mark. It was decided that Calver would be too much for Jacks first ever clubrun so Pencil and Gary Laight set off with the club for the shorter ride to Langsett. The main group carried on and arrived at their destination of Calver with Zoe and Barney deciding not to stop at the cafe and dove head first onto the Col du Froggatt. Meanwhile Jack had done really well and was tucking into his tuna sarnies at Langsett Cafe. The 2 Garys escorted him home with 32 miles under his belt and they then carried on and did a loop netting themselves 56 miles. The main bunch arrived back in Barnsley without any mishaps after a good clubrun. Well done Jack and Mark.

February 10th

No club run due to snow

February 3rd

13 riders met at townend for the clubrun to Lotherton Hall.  This included the return of Pencil and Zoe which pleased Barney as he was released from his club run report duties.  Also making a comeback after a lengthy layoff was Neil Mountain.  After being welcomed back into the fold Pencil was straight into his ribs for his £6 subs.  In cool conditions and with a strong tailwind the club set off for their destination.  On the approach into Pontefract there was abit of nervousness in the peleton, especially Wayne and Mark but the club managed to guide them through their recent accident blackspot.  ha ha.  We arrived at the cafe in good time where the order of the day was beans on toast (and side salad)!  It was decided for the return leg home to be split into 2 groups due to the strong headwind with Pencil and Gary Thawley marshalling the B group while Zoe spearheaded the A group home.  Everyone arrived back home safely after a tough day and a big well done to Cian who did a strong ride and doubled his longest ever ride.


January 27th
A very windy day with rain looking imminent met 8 wrapped up riders at a chilly Townend for the club run to Oldcoates. With a strong tailwind progress was easily made, eating up the miles until Dave Schofield punctured his second of the day, having had one en- route to Barnsley earlier in the day. The reliable Wayne ‘the Pump’ on hand, the group was soon up and riding and with the wind speed increasing to almost hurricane level and the sky getting darker, the café was a welcome sight.
George Miles had also braved the conditions and was already tucking in and lucky not to be caught in the scrum as the frozen bunch put in their orders of hot food and drinks. It was good to see the return of Mark Summerfield – this being his first ride since the famous ‘Pontefract Pile Up’ in November.
Back on the road, under the now clear blue sky, into the headwind the slow peloton became slower when a gear cable broke on … yes, you guessed, Dave Schofield’s bike. BRC mechanic Gary Thawley whipped out his tool and soon had Dave smiling and back in the saddle.
After a testing but enjoyable return leg, we all arrived back in Barnsley, somehow managing to avoid any rain.


January 20th

Despite Arctic conditions at the weekend, three hardy cyclists met at Townend for the club run. This week’s destination which should have been to Rothwell was changed to the much shorter ride to Braithwell (although Wombwell may have been a better option.)

Off they went at a brisk pace through a couple of snow flurries up through Conisbrough, having to stop at the top to break off the icicles from the handle bars, but having to move off quickly as what looked like a polar bear was spotted running across the field. Reaching the café in just over the hour, hot drinks were the order of the day.
After a quick chat with Captain Scott of the Antarctic and giving him our condolences for arriving second, the three decided to head off home, but not before borrowing the kettle to pour water on the bikes as they had frozen to the spot.
An easier ride was had on the way back on the suprisingly clean roads (apart from a few penguin road kills.) On Dearne Valley Parkway the group split up and made their way back to thaw out in a nice hot bath after what could be described as ‘character-building’ morning.
A good ride from Dave Schofield who will probably have his shorts on next week.


January 13th
8 riders braved the freezing conditions and met up at Townend for the run to Hope. Joined by Steve, who last rode out with BRC over twelve months ago and is getting some training in for a triathlon, the group set off on its way. It was nice to see and hear Zoe back in the peloton after her bout of “Man Flu”. Although obviously not fully fit, as she only managed to talk 99% of the time…
Steady progress was made and we were met by Gary Thawley at High Green. By the time we reached the top of Rivelin, everybody had warmed up a little, only to be freezing on the decent to Ladybower. On arriving at Hope the group split into two, some taking a cafe break, the others heading straight back home.
We were missing main man Gary (Pencil) who has unfortunately broken his bike as it couldn’t cope with the power input, or maybe he’s just had a bit too much Christmas pudding.
Everyone arrived back to Barnsley after an enjoyable ride in chilly conditions and a good 52 miles under the belt. A strong ride from Allan and Steve who both dug in on the climbs. (Steve don’t leave it 12 months to ride with us again.)


January 6th
On a beautiful morning for the club run to Askern,11 riders were gathered, when out of the morning mist on Townend roundabout … Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Wayne Randall in his shiny new helmet. So off they went and soon met up with Dave Vingoe at Cudworth, who took up the pace through the villages and country lanes for a steady ride to the cafe. Paul Rutta (the recycled teenager) deciding not to stop because he hadn’t broken sweat, rode straight back home for his ravioli. Orders were taken and those opting for the LARGE bacon sarnies could have done with a doggie bag. Peter Townsend in is new BRC kit and George Miles is old BRC kit (come on Gary pull your finger out) rolled in for a chat and a coffee.
Before departing, the riders gathered in the car park, heads bowed for a minute silence for the passing away of Wayne’s famous Compo hat, which is to be buried on the next club run to Holmefirth.
The ever improving Dave Schofield lead the first part of the run back home to Barnsley to finish off a really good day in lovely weather.