Barnsley Chronicle Reports

Every week our Club Scribe, James Walker, writes up a piece for inclusion in both The Barnsley Chronicle and on The Barnsley News and Sport Website. If you have something upcoming like a sportive or charity ride you are participating in, or have completed in any kind of event during the previous week please E-mail James asap so he can get it in print. Obviously overall control of what gets printed in the paper or on the website will be down to The Chronicle and Barnsley News and Sport themselves, but to be in with a chance of seeing Your name and achievements proudly securing a portion of Barnsley`s finest fish & chips You need to get as much detail to James as you can. Each weeks submissions will also be posted on this page.

Barnsley Road Club report for week ending Sunday 10th September 2017.

Barnsley Road Club`s Gary Thornton raced 50 miles for the first time on Sunday 10thSeptember, again travelling to North Yorkshire for an 8am start. Thornton had hoped for a first time time of around 2hrs 10mins but the weather was against him, with a cold south west wind that increased in strength as the race went on.

On the first leg of the two laps Thornton was quicker that last week, however the second leg proved to be very tough and he went through the 25 mile check with a time slower than last weeks 1hr 03min. Repeating the first lap Thornton lost time into the strong wind that was picking up but a tailwind finish gave Thornton a lot of assistance and he crossed the line in 2hrs 13mins 31secs.

A creditable time for a first time 50 mile ride considering the weather and the slow course that the time trial was switched to at the last minute.

The last of this year`s Barnsley Road Club`s  Welcome Rides took place on Sunday to Nostell Priory near Wakefield.

These rides have been designed to encourage beginners to group cycling to come along & meet some members of the `Club` and enjoy coffee – cake – cycling, all at once.  At Nostell Priory a warm welcome is always made to these runs, cyclists being treated to free cake when purchasing a coffee.

A small group of six took to the road, 2 newcommers, 2 members of the `B` group and ride leaders Gillian Lodge and Steve Cannon, all sharing the steady pace setting which was around the 12mph mark, chatting all the while. A very comfortable distance of 37 miles was easily attained and enjoyed by all who took part.


Next weeks Club Runs are to, `A` group – Glossop and `Intermediate` and `B` groups – Old Station House café near Snaith. All runs leave Townend at 9am prompt.


Barnsley Road Club report for week ending Sunday 3rd September 2017.

Barnsley Road Club`s 61 year old Dave Bird competed in his last 10 mile time trial of the year near Hull on Saturday. He sliced another 6 seconds of his previous best time, recording an impressive 22mins 26secs.

Bird was slightly disappointed with his ride though, an after thought was that he had concentrated too much on attaining a fast speed instead of pedalling & breathing techniques which would have probably led to a faster overall speed.

Bird has improved tremendously this season which he started off with a personal best time on the local Park Springs course of 26mins 39secs. This was bettered to finish up with 24mins 28secs, a two minute improvement for this demanding course. With 1 race left, a 2 Up 25 mile team time trial with Club mate and friend Simon Waller, Bird will be looking forward to next season by steadily building up a base from which to attack 2018.


Early Sunday morning `Road Club`s Gary Thornton moved up from 10 miles time trials to 25 miles time trials on a course at Topcliffe, North Yorkshire which is renowned  for slow times. This single carriageway Seacroft Whs promoted `25`was to suffer from a quickly rising south east cold wind. The wind and coolness soon put paid to Thornton`s hope for a sub one hour ride with the out leg taking 36 minutes for the 13 miles. Better speeds on the wind assisted 12 miles return leg ment that Thornton completed the race in 1hr 03min 04secs.

Next week Thornton steps up yet again with a 50 miles time trial.


The last Evening time trial on Park Springs road took place on Wednesday 30th August, This event with a distance of 1 lm distance is the only one known of on the roads in Britian. Darren Gough once again proved to be the man to beat, his time of 1min 13.10secs was too quick for Club Secretary Wayne Randall, Randall`s time of 1min 16.00secs was good enough to give him second spot for the sixth time in as many years. Third place went to Phil Tyas, running Randall very close wit 1min 16.20secs.

Other B.R.C. times were :- 4th Simon Waller 1m 19.30s. 5th John Catley 1m 19.35s. 6thPeter Bould 1m 23.59s. 7th Derek Crawshaw 1m 25.59s.

The record time set by Anthony Bromley in 2014 of 1m 07.98s was never in any danger of being beaten


Barnsley Road Club Report.                                    Week Ending Sunday 27th August 2017.

Two Barnsley Road Club riders competed in Team Swift`s Charity 10 mile time trial on Sunday morning on the super fast course from North Cave to Welton and back using the A63 road near Hull.

61 year old David Bird set a new personal best time of 22 minutes 32 seconds, saying  afterwards he felt he had not made the most of the excellent conditions and had too much left in the tank.

A much younger Simon Waller also set a personal best time of 21minutes 51 seconds. At seven miles to go Waller punctured and with a rapidly softening tyre carried on to finish on a nearly flat tyre.                                                                       ……


As the nights draw in, the Evening Events on Wednesday nights are gradually shortened in distance, On 23rd August the distance was reduced to 5 miles and 20 local riders faced the timekeeper.

Darren Gough was once again the fastest `Road Club rider with a 10min 37secs. John Catley was only 9 secs behind Gough with a time of 10mins 46secs.

Club Secretary Wayne Randall did one of his best rides of the year when came in next with 11mins 08secs beating Derek Crawshaw and Wayne Bullimore by 17 secs, Crawshaw and Bullimore`s time, 11mins 25secs.

Other times for Barnsley Road Club members :- Simon Waller 11m 36s. Gary Thornton 11m 39s. Phil Tyas 11m 56s. Dave Bird & Ian Lazenby both 12m 11s. Rick Wright 12m 22s. and Paul Wilson 13m 14s.



The Evening Events League ended with the 5mile race and with 13 possible events, two of which were rained off Darren Gough managed to top the table with 10 rides and a total of 97 points. In 2nd position with 11 rides and 87 points was Derek Crawshaw, beating Wayne Randall into 3rd spot, 11 rides – 72 points.

Jillian Pendlebury easily took the Ladies prize with 5 rides and 50 points, this was inspite of missing the last few races through injuries.


Barnsley Road Club report for week ending Sunday 20th August 2017.

26 riders took part in the Barnsley Road Club`s evening 10 mile time trial on Park Spring Road last Wednesday. 12 were `Road Club members and the rest were from all over South and North Yorkshire. The overall winner being Keith Ainsworth from Langsett Cycles (Sheffield) in a fast time of 20mins 59secs pushing Barnsley Road Club man Darren Gough down to 2nd place with his time of 21mins 46secs. Third overall was local man Oliver Potter, Rockingham CC 22mins 15secs.

Other Barnsley Road Club times were, 5th Derek Crawshaw 23m 24s. 6th Wayne Bullimore 23m 26s. 8th Gary Thornton 23m 41s. 9th Wayne Randall 23m 42s. 11th Simon Waller 23m 51s. 16th Phill Tyas 24m 36s. 17th Tony Galvin 24m 44s. 18th Dave Bird 24m 52s. 21st Steve Cannon 25m 58s. 22nd Peter Bould 26m 29s. and Gary Laight 30m 04s.


Next Sunday 27th it is our Barnsley Boundary Ride in aid of Help for Heros, anyone not taking part are asked to assist with marshalling or at the HQ.

The distance is 80 very hard miles that roughly follows the Barnsley boundary. The HQ is Woolley Miners Welfare Cricket Club, Darton,  S75 5JA. Registration starts at 8am onwards  with an actual start at 10am. Details can be found at   


Barnsley Road Club report for week ending Sunday August 13th 2017.

A good soaking for Barnsley Triathlete.

Nikki Ellis one of Barnsley Road Clubs triathletes took part in the Sprint Distance Bowness in Windermere triathlon on Saturday morning at 7-30am. As so often happens in the Lake District the whole event was run off in very wet conditions, it rained for two days.

The first leg was a 900 metres cold swim in Lake Windermere, then onto the bike for a difficult undulating road ride from Bowness to Ambleside. Third & final section was the running part, this was a mixture of `on & off` road lasting three miles.

Ellis`s time of 1hr 16mins for the distance earned him 4th place in the 40 -49 years age group. He was 13th overall.

The wet weather did not put a dampener on the competitor`s  spirits as everyone really enjoyed the event.


Tickhill Velo`s 10 mile time trial took place on Saturday afternoon in dry but very windy conditions at Hatfield Woodhouse near Doncaster.

Three `Road Club men faced the timekeeper and new member Simon Waller took the top spot with a 23min 36secs (ave speed 25.42mph) ride. In second place Gary Thornton recorded 24mins 18secs (ave speed 24.69mph)  and bringing up the rear was veteran Dave Bird with a very creditable 24mins 58secs (ave speed 24.03mph).


Twelve Barnsley Road club members rode the weekly 10 mile time trial on Wednesday 9thAugust on Park Springs Road. John Catley was in top spot by a considerable margin of 65 seconds, his time being 22mins 36secs. In second place was Tony Johnson with 23mins 41secs and Club Secretary Wayne Randall took third with 23mins 57secs beating into fourth position Darren Gough by one second, a moments lack of concentration at a roundabout and the race was lost for Gough.

Other times were :-  Derek Crawshaw 24-01, Simon Waller 24-16,  Gary Thornton 24-35, Phill Tyas 24-50, Wayne Bullimore 25-02, Dave Bird 25-21, Steve Cannon 26-20,  Peter Bould  27-04.


Next Sunday, August 20th the Club Runs will be to, `A` group Marsden. Intermediate & `B` group Oldcotes. Leave Townend at 8-30am.

Barnsley Road Club report, weekending 30th July 2017.

After Barnsley Road Clubs fabulous evening`s racing on Friday night things didn`t ease off in the `Road Club camp. Sunday saw three riders take part in the Team Swift 12 hour time trial on a circular course near Pocklington. In form man Darren Gough, Club Secretary Wayne Randall and John Bennett.  Randall was the first to start at 6-07am, quickly followed by Bennett 9 minutes later and then Gough another 16 minutes behind him.

Randall suffered the misfortune of a missing marshal and went `off course` for roughly 6 miles, the other two then overtook Randall. Later on in the day Randall was to succumb  to sickness but carried on so as to enable the three to update the Club Team 12 hour record.

The flying Gough ploughed on at an average speed of 22.25 mph to notch up an incredible distance of 267 miles and 4th place overall in his first ever 12 hour event. It was a first time for Bennett also, only having raced one 10 mile time trial before. Bennett rode well with a foot problem to 226 miles before running out of time.

Gough`s distance sent the Club Record  of Eddie Goodwin`s ride in 1957 of  251.38 miles well into the history books. This was inspite of changing to his road bike for the last 2 hours for comfort reasons, this would ultimately slow his progress and maybe lose a podium place.

The Club 12 hour Team Record which had stood to Phil Rawlings, Bill Green & Brian Hindley with a total of  671.274 miles in 1978 was also beaten out of sight. Goughs amazing distance added to by Randall & Bennetts solid rides gave them a total of 723 miles, an improvement of over 50 miles.  The trio were fed and watered all day by Derek and Barry Crawshaw, At one point Barry had to run/walk a connecting lane 3 miles long between two villages so he could feed Gough whilst brother Derek fed the other two.

The winner,  Blaine Metcalf covered 280 miles, a remarkable distance considering how the wind got up 2 hours into the event and the downpour  towards the end. All the new distances are provisional.

Barnsley Road Club report.      Weekending Sunday July 2nd 2017

With no Barnsley Road Club evening 10 mile time trial due to a day of heavy rain on Wednesday 28th June attention turned  to the weekend`s activities of  triathlons.

The first one on Saturday 1st July when James Walker stepped up a notch from `Sprint` distance to the `Standard` distance. A standard distance triathlon consists of 1,500m of swimming, 40kms of riding a bike and finally 10kms of running.

The Ripon Triathlon Festival Weekend was the National Championship and also a Great Britain age group qualifier so probably the highest quality field in the country. Walker chose this one for his baptism of fire stepping up process. Luckily the swim, in open water on Ripon racecourse was held in sunshine on a fine if windy day, Walker managed to veer off course slightly and so swam more that the required 1,500 m. Time 28mins 27secs. The bike section was held mainly on the A168 which was at one time the A1 before the road improvements was open to the wind and was blustery at times. Time 1hr 11mins 01secs. The run, this really took it`s toll on Walker, after only 3kms into the 10km cramp nearly put an end to his effort. Thanks to some emergency stretching  the distance was covered in a time of 48mins 15secs, giving a total time of 2hr 30mins 55secs. This may be the first full triathlon to be completed by a Barnsley Road Club rider.

Walker came in 401st out of 1,000 starters and 48th out of 95 in his age category (M35 – 39).


On Sunday 2nd Nikki Ellis also took part in a triathlon, this was at Klagenfurt, Austria. The event was a big one, an Ironman no less.

In perfect conditions, overcast with no wind at all Ellis completed the 2.4 mile swim in the Lake Worthersee, (water temperature 23 degrees) in 1hr 14m. Next it was onto his bike for 112miles on a very hilly circuit, up and down the Austrian mountains. Long hard slogs up and the hair raising fast descents. This part completed in 5hr 48m. Then straight onto a marathon distance run, 26.2 miles around the lake and surrounding villages, it was thankfully, mainly flat in this beautiful mountainous scenery.

Time for Ellis to swim, cycle & run these distances, 11hr 14m and a placing of 1,001 out of a total of over 3,000 competitors.


Sunday was also the day of the Barnsley Road Club`s 150 miles in 12 hours Reliability Ride, Barnsley to Hornsea and back.

Nine riders on the `A` group ride and five riders on the `B` ride, in sunny conditions with a helping wind to the coast it was a battle coming back with one rider succumbing to the distance  Amongst the thirteen survivors were three female riders, a fine achievement by Donna Waring, Jillian Pendlebury & Sarah Bird.

Five members have now completed all three Reliability Rides, 50 miles in 4 hours, 100 miles in 8 hours & the 150 miles in 12 hours, they are,  Wayne Randall, Dek Crawshaw, Paul Schofield, Ron Hollingsworth and Jillian Pendlebury all to receive a Club medal. Certificates will be awarded to all the other participants.


Barnsley Road Club report, week ending Sunday 25th June 2017.

Barnsley Road Club`s Darren Gough easily won the North Midlands Road Race on Thursday

evening (22nd June) on the Dinnington course. This was his first ever road race win although

in recent weeks he has come close but has been too closely marked.

Gough, was in contention all the race, watching a few breaks to go clear in the strong cross

wind, which all came to nothing. Finally on the last lap with about a mile to go to the line,

Gough attacked on the last climb. The main group hesitated for a few seconds and that was

enough for the Barnsley man to go clear. Recent rides to Filey & back in the day with Wayne

Randle has built up a massive power base for Gough and he simply rode away into a very

tough across to head wind. Gough crossed the finish line with a lead of several seconds for

a very well earned victory.


In form Darren Gough was again the best Barnsley Road Club rider in the `Road Club`s

Evening 10 mile time trial on Park Springs road on Wednesday. (21st June). On a warm

breezy night, Gough`s time of 22mins 03secs was plenty fast enough to beat, nearly back to

his best ride on Park Springs, Dek Crawshaw`s 22mins 44secs. Another rider that has

suddenly found some form was Club Secretary Wayne Randall, his 22mins 54secs being his

best for several seasons.

Other `Road Club times were, Gary Thornton 23m 09s PB, Tony Galvin 23m 54s, Dave Bird

24m 37s, Phill Tyas 25m 23s, Tony Johnson 25m 24s, Peter Bould 25m 33s, Paul Schofield

25m 57s PB. Jillian Pendlebury was again the fastest lady with 27m 10s PB.

Fastest rider on the night was Birdwell Wh`s Dan Taylor in 21m 24s. ……………………………………

The Barnsley Town Centre Races – Barnsley Road Club are proud to promote the Friday night extravaganza on July 28th. The closed circuit event will provide both an opportunity in the ‘Barnsley Community Ride’ for the public to take their turn in challenging themselves around the circuit; plus a series of youth races focussing very much on the next generation of Barnsley cyclists. This will be coupled with a seniors, and womens races, plus an opportunity to see the countries best professionals race in headline event.

Check our club website for details on the course, the community ride, timings of some small road alterations, ways to get involved (including marshalling) and details to enter. Events start from 4.30pm and finish at 10pm.


Barnsley Road Club report for week ending Sunday 11th June 2017.

Wednesday 7th June. 10 mile time trial. The 2nd counter of our Special Events Competition.

On a windy evening after near gale force winds during the day this was our `Road Bike Nite`. For this one event all competitors are encouraged to ride on their `normal` bikes instead of ones with all the aids for time trialing and it really does make a considerable difference to the times for 10 miles.  John Catley`s 23mins 56secs was the fastest, beating Darren Gough by 21secs into 2nd place with his 24mins 17secs. In 3rd place was `the evergreen` Dek Crawshaw with 25mins 02secs, Dek is a spritely 59 year old !

Other B.R.C. times were, newcomer this year Michael Newton 25m 08s, Gary Thornton 25m 35s, Steve Cannon 25m46s, Wayne Randall 26m 50s, Jillian Pendlebury was the fastest lady with 27m 49s, Peter Bould 28m 07s and Chris Fletcher who only started to ride with B.R.C. seven weeks ago, this was his first time trial, finishing in 30m 23s, giving an average speed of 19.7mph.


A second tri-athlete emerged recently in the B.R.C. midst, veteran racer Nikki Ellis took part in the Welsh National Half Ironman Championships at Balla, North Wales.  The event was 70.3miles in duration and Ellis completed the distance in 5hours 17minutes. His splits were, 2.2kms swim in open water taking 41mins. The bike section followed which entailed 56 miles of punishing climbing and hair-raising descending on the Welsh mountains, this taking 2hours 50minutes. Lastly came the 13 mile `run`, again, very hilly and completed in 1hour 41minutes.

All in all, a very challenging event which was made worse by incessant rain and very strong winds throughout the swim and bike sections, it wasn`t until the run section that the sun made a long overdue appearance, a fine end to an arduous event. The winner, Mark White completed the course in a staggering time of 4hours 34minutes.


The Barnsley Road Club`s `Welcome Rides` continued on Sunday with it`s 3rd one of the year. These rides are primarily aimed at very new beginners to Club or group riding and take place on the first Sunday in the month, (the next one on July 2nd) starting at 8-30am from Townend roundabout, Barnsley and the usual destination is the very popular Nostell Priory near Wakefield.

This months ride was led by Sarah and Alastair with new riders Richard, Paul, Amir and Steve taking part as well as other members of the Barnsley R.C. who all helped with setting the pace. There was a rather strong wind to be dealt with on the return ride back to Barnsley with everyone doing their bit at the front of the group.


Barnsley Road Club report for week ending Sunday 4th June 2017.

On Wednesday evening 31st of May, 29 riders took part in Barnsley Road Club`s weekly 10 mile time trial on Park Springs Road. Once again Darren Gough headed the `Road Club riders with a 21min 35 secs ride, nearly a minute in front of Tony Johnson`s 22min 31secs who was very closely followed by Garreth Bruff in 22min 39secs.

Other `Road Club riders times were :- Dek Crawshaw 23m 07s. Michael Newton 23m 23s. Tony Galvin 23m 33s. Wayne Randall 23m 47s. Gary Thornton 23m 51s. Steve Cannon 24m 53s. Ian Lazenby 25m 00s. David Bird 25m 23s. Paul Ruta 26m 23s. Jillian Pendlebury 28m 11s was fastest B.R.C. lady.

Fastest rider on the night, Dan Taylor Birdwell Whs in 21m 09s.


Sunday 4th June.  Barnsley Road Club`s tri-athlete James Walker tried his first open water swim in the Rother Valley Sprint Triathlon on Sunday. Walker said “I`m quite pleased with how it went seeing as how I`ve only done pool swims up to now” and did it in a split time of 12mins 37secs for the 750 metres. In the bike section that followed Walker found the lumpy 20 kms course with it`s 1,000 ft of climbing more to his liking. This split being 49mins 54secs. Next came the run section. Luckily all flat, around the edge of the lake, spilt time of 20mins 28secs for 5kms. Walker`s total time for the three disciplines came to 1hr 25mins 57secs, this gained him 15th place overall and 8th in his age group.


Also on Sunday the `Road Club`s Garreth Bruff was entered in the East Bradford C.C. 15 mile Time Trial on a course near Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire.  Bruff`s time of 35mins 08secs was good enough to give him 12th position overall and he also took the 45 – 49 age group prize. The winner was 2016 Para-Olympics Tandem Pilot Gold medalist Adam Duggleby from Brough, East Yorks in a time of 30mins 17secs.

Sarah Bird does not ride time trials very often, but when she does they are usually pretty hard ones. This was the case when Bird rode the Huddersfield Star Whs hill climb up Mount Road in Marsden. The mile long course took Bird 7mins 19secs to complete and she slotted into 34th position out of a total of 57 finishers, she was 4th in her age group.


On the Club Run scene, Sunday saw the annual `100 miles in 8 hours` reliability ride. The `A` group going to Allerthorpe near Pocklington had 13 riders completing the course well inside the allotted time and the `B` group 8 riders also completing a slightly different course, calling at Spaldington near Howden.


28th May 2017 Barnsley Road Race, Reg B ¾ Hade Edge, 55 Miles

1st Jack Brown Holmfirth CC.

2nd Billy Harding PH Mas/Paul Milnes/Oldfield

3rd Mattthew Burt University of Leeds CC

4th Andy Cunningham All Terrain Cycles Ride in Peace

5th Hayden Allen Alba Rosa

6th Tom Whalley Buxton CC/Sett Valley CC

7th Matthew Kellet 3RT

8th Jonathan Bourne

9th Daniel McDermott FTR Milltag

10th Daniel Collier University of Sheffield CC

1st Junior – Jack Brown Holmfirth CC


After days of sunshine, 25oc +, and a bank holiday weekend race, you can almost certainly guarantee that the weather will be completely the opposite come race day, on this Barnsley Road Club promoted event. And needless to say, this morning was absolutely the case. Racers set off in a complete pea souper, barely enough vision to see your hand in front of your face, and a massive cross wind on the ridge. Nevertheless, race they did.

In typical fashion on the Flight Hill circuit above the Holme Valley in West Yorkshire, the field of 60 was in ribbons very early on as a high tempo was set from the start from this field comprising 25 riders that were juniors or under 23.

Phillip Gleave (Congleton CC) saw an attack with 5 laps to go reeled in, various attacks from Billy Harding (PH Mas Paul Milnes/Oldfield ER) throughout the remaining passage of the 4 mile circuit, but it was local rider Jack Brown from Holmfirth CC who hit out on the penultimate climb, and maintained a 30 second lead til the end to take an impressive and much celebrated victory, with many riders taking the ride up the hill to great Jack across the line.

A sprint finish for second to seventh, then ones and twos over the next 10 minutes, show what a mean spirited circuit this is, particularly on a day that promised no compromise from the off. True Yorkshire racing.

Next up for Barnsley Road Club is their Town Centre Crit on 28th July, find details via this link

Barnsley Road Club`s report, week ending Sunday May 28th 2017.

Wednesday evening,  24th. B.R.C. 10 mile time trial.

Yet again Darren Gough pulled out all the stops to win the race on Park Springs Road (A6195) from 27 other riders. His time of 21mins 50secs was too quick for the rapidly improving Garreth Bruff`s time of 22m 14s, Tony Johnson completed the top three with 22m 39s.

Other B.R.C.  times on the night were Dek Crawshaw 23m 14s, Michael Newton 23m22s, Wayne Randall 23m 41s, Gary Thornton 23m52s, Tony Galvin 24m32s, Phil Tyas 24m 53s, Paul Ruta 25m 03s, Ian Lazenby 25m 13s, David Bird 25m 47s, Peter Bould 26m 21s.


Thursday evening, 25th. North Midlands Road Race League.

Darren Gough showed that he can `road race` as well as `time trial` when he finished 14th in the 3rd race of the series. The whole bunch stayed together for all the distance, this was due to atrocious conditions and the event was rightly reduced by a third to just 3 laps. Gough was supported by John Catley, Tony  Johnson.


Saturday afternoon, the 27th, saw Garreth Bruff in action again, this time in the Holme Valley Whs `25` in North Yorkshire near Ripon. Although there was a full field of 150 riders entered, only 69 competed the distance.             The weather was so bad with heavy rain, thunder & lightening a large number of riders decided the conditions were too bad to start or just abandoned during the event.

Bruff shrugged off the conditions and produced one of his best rides ever, just missing a personal best with his time of 56m 55s (26.4mph). The winner was York speedy rider Phillip Graves (NOPINZ) 51m 35s.                          Bruff had shown he was riding into form the previous week at Bridlington when he rode into 10th place (58m 41s) behind another Barnsley man Richard Dean (Team Swift) whose 54 minute ride gave him top spot.


Barnsley Road Club report for weekending Sunday 14th May 2017.

In Wednesday night`s evening 10 mile T.T. Darren Gough again came out on top of 31 riders with a excellent 22mins 07secs ride. Gough was 38 seconds in front of Tony Johnson (22-45) and John Catley (23-04) was a further 19 seconds adrift.

Other `Road Club rider`s times were, Derek Crawshaw 23-29, Wayne Randall 23-48, Tony Galvin 23-54, Steve Cannon 24-54, Ian Lazenby 25-01, 70 year old Paul Ruta 25-31, Phil Tyas 25-48, Paul Schofield 26-04, Peter Bould 26-07.                Jillian Pendlebury was the fastest of the four ladies riding with a personal best time of 27m49s.


On Thursday evening in the North Midlands T.L.I. Road Race League four riders from Barnsley Road Club took part in the 33 miles race. They were Wayne Gregory, John Catley, Tony Johnson and man in form Darren Gough.           Gough was in two moves to break clear of the bunch, gaining ten seconds both times, the ever attentive bunch never let the break go and reeled them in both times. After seven laps the finish was a mass sprint with Gough 11th and Johnson 12th.  Gregory and Catley were not far back but the race was so close run everyone was given the same time.


Saturday afternoon saw the Sheffrec CC 25 miles T.T. at Hatfield Woodhouse near Doncaster.  Rain made conditions unpleasant for some riders but everyone had to endure a nagging south east wind which only became helpful for the last five miles. One of those who got the heavy rain was `Road Club`s Gary Thornton, but undeterred he produced a personal best 1hr 02m 37s, an improvement of 7 minutes.  Dave Bowen missed the rain and only improved by just over a minute on his last ride a fortnight ago to 1hr 06m 15s. The race winner was Simon Beldon (53m 16s).

Barnsley Road Club Report for week ending Sat/Sun 6th & 7th May 2017.

The Barnsley Road Clubs evening time trials started off on Wednesday 3rd May with it`s `Special Events`      5 mile T.T.    A total of 26 riders faced the timekeepers on Park Springs Road, out of which 14 were B.R.C. members. The first three fastest were the `Road Club`s, Darren Gough (11mins-20secs), Garreth Bruff (11m-28s) and Tony Johnson (11m-35s). There were only two Rockingham CC riders who could break the `Road Club`s strangle hold of the top nine places.

Jillian Pendlebury`s excellent time of 14m-16s for first lady, bodes well for her to win the 2017 Ladies Special Events Competition.

Winning this 5 mile event meant that 48 year old Gough won the new `I`ll bet thee a shilling` trophy. This coming about when President George Miles recalled how he and the President in the 1980`s Geoff Willis used to have an annual shilling bet as to who would be the fastest in the Club `5`, he even produced the original shilling. It will now be used as the centre piece on the new trophy. As both Willis and Miles were Veterans at the time, this new trophy will be for the fastest veteran over 40 years old.

Other B.R.C. times, Dek Crawshaw 11-55. John Catley 11-59. Wayne Randall 12-07. Gary Thornton 12-11. Steve Cannon 12-15. Matt Ashton 12-25. Chris Lawrence 12-33. Phil Tyas 12-42. Peter Bould 12-54. Wayne Gregory 13-13.


At the weekend Darren Gough was racing again, this time at Topcliffe in North Yorkshire.  Drighlington Bicycle Club promoted a 25 mile time trial and Gough produced a personal best ever time of 55mins 30secs, this is also an Age Record (48yrs) for Barnsley Road Club.  The weather being a little cool with a difficult across head wind to the turn, then a fast tailwind finish. The event was won by Steve Eyres in 50mins 17secs.


Barnsley Road Club`s report for weekending 29th/30th April 2017.

Darren Gough led Barnsley Road Club`s quartet that took part in Birdwell Whs. Open 25 mile time trial on Saturday afternoon at Hatfield Woodhouse near Doncaster. Gough (21st) recorded a time of 59mins 29secs in cold conditions inspite of a southerly wind.

Dave Bowen (41st) was second of the `Road Club riders with 1hr 07mins 29secs, nearly two minutes clear of Gary Thornton (45th) and Dave Bird (46th). These two recorded 1hr 09mins 02secs and 1hr 09mins 08secs respectively, both were riding their first 25 mile time trial.

The winner of the event was Phillip Graves of NOPINZ in 51mins 51secs.

Barnsley Road Club report for week ending 23rd April 2017.

Barnsley Road Club`s triathlete James Walker tackled the Rochdale Tri Club`s Sprint Triathlon on Sunday morning. Taking place around the Saddleworth area, Walker declared, “ it was one of hardest things I have ever done”, so hard and hilly was the terrain.

A pool swim of 400 metres was quickly followed by a 20 kms bike ride around a tortuous Pennine circuit taking in Diggle, Delph and Lydgate before returning to Uppermill.

Next came an equally hard run of 5kms on another difficult circuit of Kinders Lane, Haw Clough Lane and Knowl Top Lane to the finish back at the Saddleworth Sports Centre.

Walker`s reward for this gruelling event was a time of 1hr 16mins 42secs, this earned him 21st place overall and 2nd place in his age category (M35 to 40yrs).


Next Saturday afternoon (April 29th) three `Road Club riders take part in the Birdwell Whs 25 mile time trial at Hatfield Woodhouse near Doncaster. Facing the timekeeper are Darren Gough, David Bird and Gary Thornton.

Barnsley Road Club report for Easter weekend 14/15/16th April 2017.

Good Friday 14th April.

Barnsley Road Club`s Tony Johnson was the only `Road Club entry in City Road Club (Hull)`s 10 mile time trial on Good Friday, based at Newport near Hull. This superfast course, (V718) that utilises the A63 from South Cave to Melton and back again did not quite live up to it`s reputation. A cross wind scuppered any really fast times but the competition was good with only a handful of seconds separating the first four places. George Fox (Team Bottrill) leading the way with 18m 12s.

Johnson`s time was just a bit off his personal best set last year, but never the less a very good time of 21m 09s, only 27seconds adrift. Johnson had the added handicap of starting very late in the field when the wind was at it`s strongest.


Easter Sunday 16th April.

North Midlands District Championship 21 miles time trial held on a new course near Stocksbridge on Sunday morning attracted only 38 entries. One of the 38 was Richard Dean, Dean an ex Barnsley Road Club rider now racing for Team Swift faced the timekeeper that morning and his time of 51mins 09secs ensured he took the title by 20 seconds.


Barnsley Road Club report for week ending  8th/9th April 2017.

Barnsley Road Club`s Garreth Bruff and David Bird chose to ride the Birdwell Whs 10mls TT. at Hatfield Woodhouse, near Doncaster on Saturday afternoon.
This was to be a ten mile time trial but due to unforeseen road works, an adjacent course very quickly had to be found and the distance reduced to 7.5mls.
Garreth Bruff, who had ridden around 25 miles to Hatfield Woodhouse recorded a time of 17m 07s.
61year old David Bird, riding his first race of the season produced a very creditable 19m 48s.

Meanwhile at Brotherton in North Yorks, the Ravensthorpe C.C. 2up ten mile team time trial attracted two `Road Club teams, a pairing of John Catley and Darren Gough just managed to hold off the other pairing of Steve Lacey and Tony Johnson.

Catley/Gough`s time of 22m 43s beating Lacey/Johnson`s 23m 04s.

The conditions for both events was a slight southerly wind in bright sunshine.

Sunday 9th April, Kinder Velo`s hilly time trial based around Glossop was a 25.5 mile time trial that was gruelling to say the least, with 3,000 feet of climbing and desending it was not for the faint hearted by any means. Held in conditions that were a complete contrast to last years event (5 degrees and snow on the tops of the hills) this years warm sunshine was very welcome.

John Catley`s 1h 20m 00s was just too good for yesterdays partner Darren Gough. Gough recorded 1h 20m 03s. Very close indeed. The third `Road Club rider, Wayne Gregory produced an excellent ride of 1h 28m 31s. All three producing personal best times.

On the road racing scene, Mick Newton took part in his first road race for about ten years. It being his first time out this year and a little rusty, hanging on to a fast moving peloton was rather difficult. Credit due to Newton for lasting five of the scheduled eight laps of this `Out of the Saddle` event held on the Braithwell circuit. An untimely attack of cramp resulted in Newton being dropped and couldn`t regain the pack.

Attempting his first triathlon James Walker did exceptionally well in the Skipton Triathlon Sprint event also on Sunday. Walker`s time of 1h 13m 41s was good enough to give him 34 place overall and 19 place in the age category of 20 – 39.

The `Road Club`s first `Welcome Ride` of 2017 was lead by Garreth Bruff who took the run through some picturesque lanes to Nostel Priory. The `Welcome Rides` take place each month and are for newcomers to cycling, this ride being a very steady 30 miles. The next `Welcome Ride` is to be held on the 14th May leaving Townend at 8-30am. All beginners welcome.

Barnsley Road Club report for weekend 1st/2nd April 2017.

Barnsley Road Club riders Garreth Bruff and Tony Johnson took part in the Yorkshire Cycling Federation 10 mile time trial in the Hemsworth area on Sunday morning 2ND April.  Bruff was the faster of the two with a very creditable 23min 34secs for this lumpy course with it`s long drags and fast descents.  Johnson, being a later starter was hampered by more traffic on the roundabouts and could only manage 24mins 23secs.

The event was run off in good weather conditions with a slight westerly wind.


Next Saturday afternoon Bruff takes part in the Birdwell Whs `10` at Hatfield Woodhouse, then also on Saturday afternoon at Brotherton, North Yorkshire  there is a Two Up 10 mile Team Time Trial promoted by Ravensthorpe C.C. Representing the `Road Club are the pairings of Steve Lacey/Tony Johnson and John Catley/Darren Gough.

Barnsley Road Club report for week ending 18/19th March 2017.

Damp roads, mild temperatures and a slight head wind finish on the shorter leg greeted the five Barnsley Road Club riders who took part in the Bolsover & District CC 10 mile time trial at Cuckney near Worksop on Saturday afternoon.

Inform man Darren Gough recorded the fastest time of the five `Road Club riders with an excellent 22mins 40secs, this pushed Garreth Bruff down into second spot with his time of 23mins 04secs. Third placed John Catley was only just a mere 8 seconds adrift with 23mins 12secs and Steve Lacey a further 7 seconds behind John in 23mins 19secs. Bringing up the rear was Wayne Gregory, Wayne was disappointed with his time of 25mins 57secs after all the hard winter training miles he had put in. Better times will come.


In nearby Clumber Park in the heart of the `Dukeries` Josie Smith was flying the `Road Club banner in a duathlon, (2 parts running and 1 part cycling) event.                                          With a total mixed gender field of 446 Josie finished midfield in 1hr 16mins 28secs for a very creditable 228th position. Josie, who much preferred the cycling section of 20 kms to the 2 running sections of 5kms & 2.5kms came 45th out of 148 women competitors and 9th in her age group. The top riders/runners are amongst the countries best and all competing for qualification for GB age groups, so well done Josie.

Barnsley Road Club report for weekending 12/03/2017.

Six members of the Barnsley Road Club tackled the very tough Circuit of Ingleborough at the weekend. The 27 mile time trial organised by Pendle Forest Cycling Club attracted just over 100 entries, the best rider on the day being James Gullen, a professional cyclist with JLT Condor with a very rapid time of 59minutes 21seconds.

The best `Road Club rider, Darren Gough produced a storming ride of 1hr 09mins 20 secs for 16th place. Garreth Bruff claimed 2nd fastest B.R.C. rider with 31st spot, his time of 1hr 12mins 15secs beating his best set 20 years ago by over a minute. John Catley, occupied 40th position with 1hr 13mins 52secs. At 50th place, Steve Lacey with his 1hr 15mins 07secs was 1minute 10secs faster than `quiet man` Tony Johnson, his 1hr 16mins 16secs earned him 56th place. Bringing up the rear, Wayne Gregory riding one of his first open time trials, completed the circuit in 1hr 21mins 30secs for a very creditable 78th spot.

The weather was very mild for early March, with a SW wind helping riders on the long run from Settle north to Ribblehead, this causing a head wind on the final 4-5 miles as riders swung west to race back to Ingleton.                                                                                                                                      Most of the B.R.C. riders at Ingleborough will be racing nearer to home this coming weekend, in the Bolsover & District C.C. 10 mile T.T at Cuckney, Notts on Saturday.

Josie Smith was another Barnsley Road Club rider racing an open time trial for the first time, the V.T.T.A. North Midlands 14.7 mile T. T. which took place at Cuckney near Worksop. Josie recorded a time of 43mins 34secs, so a personal best for this event. Josie was 5th in the Ladies section. Well done Josie.                                                                                                                                                           The overall winner of was Joel Wainman, SSLL Racing Team with a time of 32mins 07secs.